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How California Is Dealing With The Ongoing Housing Crisis
How California is Dealing with the Ongoing Housing Crisis

It’s no secret that the state of California is in the midst of a major housing crisis. In big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are tens of thousands of people without an adequate place to call home. Couple this […]

The Difference Between Loan Modification vs. Mortgage Forbearance Plans

In 2021, California had the most bankruptcy filings, with nearly 40,000 filings. It’s not surprising since California has the largest population by state. Yet, when adjusting for population, California places 29th. While it’s not the worst position to be in, California bankruptcy filings still […]

Tips to Improve Your Credit After a Foreclosure

Have you recently experienced a foreclosure? If so, you’re hardly alone. An estimated 5 million Americans lose their homes each year through eviction and foreclosure. Being forced to relocate can be stressful, and it also has far-reaching financial consequences. For example, […]

Are Lafayette Foreclosures in Lenders’ Best Interest?

Unfortunately, foreclosures in Lafayette, California are making a comeback in 2023 amid inflationary pressures. In the first 6 months of 2022, there were nearly 165,000 in the United States. This is slightly under the number recorded pre-pandemic in 2020. Leading […]

Are We Facing a Recession? How Is It Affecting the Bay Area Housing Market 2022?

Did you know that almost 21.5% of America’s housing value comes from California? If you’ve paid attention to how the market has been behaving, you may have noticed a few warning signs. Since it’s better to be safe rather than sorry, […]

Do I Need an Attorney’s Help With a Livermore Real Estate Transaction?

Are you looking to make a real estate transaction soon? The price of buying a home increased by 18% in 2021. This year, foreclosures are up around 700%. If those numbers have you fearing making a real estate transaction, you […]


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Disputes concerning real estate can have a significant financial impact on individuals and businesses alike. If there is a dispute and it appears that a compromise is not possible, it may be necessary to initiate litigation. This could mean participating in settlement or mediation talks or even bringing a formal lawsuit to civil court.

An Oakland real estate lawyer may be able to help. They are prepared to take the lead in settlement talks that could help to avoid costly court cases. However, if the case does go to court, they will take every step necessary to protect your rights. Contact us now to learn more.

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