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Estavillo Law Group

At the Estavillo Law Group, we have 50 years of combined experience in
Real Estate and Foreclosure law. We offer a big firm experience at a small firm price. Most large law firms have become so big it translates to an enormous overhead. At our firm, we are committed to delivering the highest quality results while keeping our client costs down.

Areas of Law

Real Estate Law

We handle all disputes involving purchase and sale or lease agreements (performance, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, construction).

  • Title, boundary dispute, easement litigation
  • Defects/deficiencies in new construction
  • Mechanic’s liens – enforcement and defense of mechanic’s liens claims, including lender priority, title insurance indemnification, construction claimants (State and Federal liens)
  • Lender documentation and construction contracts
Foreclosure Law

We have an over 90% success rate at keeping people in their homes who were facing an imminent foreclosure.

We represent people who are being foreclosed upon or foresee foreclosure in the near future. We work with forensic auditors to investigate what really happened with your loan when you signed those agreements years ago.

Our team has knowledge of the law, persistent discovery practices, a winning focus, and experience utilizing expert witnesses.


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Our law firm serves the San Francisco Bay Area from our headquarters in Oakland, CA. Our Mission is To Help More Families Hold Onto The American Dream Of Homeownership.


Committed to a Personalized Approach, Superior Service, and a Fair Price

Our values

  • Client Commitment

    Every client who comes to our firm leaves in a better place than they were in when they came to us.

  • Integrity

    We are honest with our clients; we do the right thing in all circumstances.

  • Winning Focus

    Our eye is always on our client’s goal and finding the best way to achieve that goal. We never settle for second best!!

  • Quality

    We ensure that our work product is the highest possible caliber (ethically and professionally).

  • Team Work

    We treat our teammates with the utmost respect and support.

What our Clients are Saying About Us

I endorse this lawyer, he is highly ethical and protects people rights. I too am an attorney and would recommend Mr. Estavillo for your real estate and foreclosure needs.

R. Soto, Estate Planning Attorney
Avvo – Peer Reviewed

Jason Has a great care for people and he helped me though I had not hired his firm. Gave me great information that kept me very very safe. I certainly appreciate his HUMAN KINDNESS.

Laywers.com – Client Reviewed

They have been very helpful in all my needs. I would recommend them to anyone needing help. I would also like to commend Caitlin for how she handled all matters very professional.

Mark Brown
Google – Client Reviewed

I have worked with Jason Estavillo on several urgent litigation matters. He is very smart, ethical, efficient and outcome oriented. I strongly endorse him.

Brian Liddicoat, Litigation Attorney
Avvo – Peer Reviewed

Jason is the right attorney. In my mini interactions with attorneys working in law-enforcement for over 26 years, you get to know who’s good and who’s not. Jason and his team go out of the way to make sure all the facts are in order to guarantee a high success … Read More

Avvo – Client Reviewed

We are behind on our mortgage because of financial hardship, we received a pre-foreclosure notice from the bank which is when I called Jason. He gave me as much time as I needed to go over all the possible outcomes and explained in detail the process and what the plan … Read More

G Kelly
Avvo – Client Reviewed

I thank Caitlin and Jason, as well as the many others behind the scenes for reaching the greatest possible outcome when things were literally at the worst possible point. They were on top of the process, stood up for what was right, did the legal maneuvers, and when there were … Read More

Jack Rhiel
Google – Client Reviewed

I love being able to talk to Jason and not have to deal with a paralegal. Super impressed with his honesty and knowledge and experience. He is setting a precedent with the courts and taking on the Big Banks. So glad he’s on the homeowner’s side!

Michelle Bedard
Google – Client Reviewed

We are behind on our mortgage because of financial hardship, we received a pre-foreclosure notice from the bank which is when I called Jason. He gave me as much time as I needed to go over all the possible outcomes and explained in detail the process and what the plan … Read More

Meaghan Kelly
Google – Client Reviewed

He has the knowledge to be a GREAT Attorney and I am grateful to have met him over the phone . Though I did not hire his firm but he gave me some great information that kept me very very safe . He is a good choice.

Avvo – Client Reviewed

I highly endorse this lawyer. Jason and his team work tirelessly to help their clients fight back against the banking industry to preserve their rights to home ownership. If you ever find yourself facing foreclosure in California, I highly recommend you contact Jason and his team.

Ellaretha Coleman, Insurance Attorney
Avvo – Peer Reviewed

Excellent attorney with a very competent staff. You are getting a full law office with Jason and not just one guy or one guy and a secretary struggling to manage a ridiculous workload. Their offices take messages and return calls in a timely and professional way.

Lawyers.com – Client Reviewed

Jason Estavillo is absolutely the best! After 6 other law firms and countless sleepless nights and overwhelming stress, we were fortunate to find and meet Jason, Yolanda and the team! Jason is the most knowledgeable attorney we have found in this field and is genuinely a kind and caring person. … Read More

Avvo – Client Reviewed

I recently engaged Jason Estavillo for legal services in connection with keeping my home. I’m an attorney myself (that’s why I’m posting anonymously), but I don’t practice the type of law Jason specializes in.
Jason has been great. I’ve been able to stay in my home as a result of … Read More

Winston Wolf
Avvo – Client Reviewed

Jason is a top notch foreclosure and real estate lawyer. I endorse him and his firm for their diligence, high quality, and commitment to their client’s success.

Margaret Barrett, Estate planning Attorney
Avvo – Peer Reviewed

I endorse this lawyer. Excellent attorney, very knowledgeable and experienced. Excellent staff who take pride in what they do and work hard for their clients.

Kevin Fusch, Litigation Attorney
Avvo – Peer Reviewed

Jason and his team were life savers! The threat of loosing my home was one of the most frightening life events I have ever faced. I am forever grateful to Jason, Caitlin and Yolanda for their compassion and competency in resolving my matter and helping me look forward to a … Read More

Avvo – Client Reviewed

Contacting The Estavillo Law Group was a life saver. The staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly. No matter what questions I threw at them they had the answers and the ability to explain the pros and cons of our options. Best real estate lawyers in the bay area by far!! … Read More

Lawyers.com – Client Reviewed

I went to Jason when I discovered an erroneous lean had been placed against the property of my primary residence. Upon meeting with Jason, he was able to quickly understand the situation and assure me that the issue could and would be resolved. On time and on budget, my property … Read More

Thomas Murchie
Google – Client Reviewed

Mr. Estavillo was terrific! Called me back from my inquiry within 24 hours and gave me a free consultation, which allowed me to stand confident in my legal footing and proceed to get the opposing party to capitulate and resend all without even needing to go under retainer! Thank you … Read More

Ryan Bareilles
Google – Client Reviewed

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Disputes concerning real estate can have a significant financial impact on individuals and businesses alike. If there is a dispute and it appears that a compromise is not possible, it may be necessary to initiate litigation. This could mean participating in settlement or mediation talks or even bringing a formal lawsuit to civil court.

An Oakland real estate lawyer may be able to help. They are prepared to take the lead in settlement talks that could help to avoid costly court cases. However, if the case does go to court, they will take every step necessary to protect your rights. Contact us now to learn more.