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Committed to a Personalized Approach, Superior Service, and a Fair Price

As a law firm with 30 years of combined experience in Real Estate & Foreclosure law, our game plan is simple: we treat each client with a unique, personalized approach that is designed to help without passing on the hefty big firm costs. When you become our client, we will:

  • Treat you with respect, empathy, and understanding without passing judgment
  • Meet with you personally to assess your situation and find the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Work with outside experts to help you succeed with your case
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure that we achieve your goals

If you would like to learn more about the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo and discover for yourself how we are helping our clients, please contact us for a free fifteen minute phone consultation.

The materials contained within this website provide general information about the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo and do not constitute legal advice. 

Latest Foreclosure News:

Great Day in Court in Contra Costa County


 On January 23, 2020, the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, PC appeared in Contra Costa County Superior Court for a hearing on one of the Lender’s Demurrers to our Client’s First Amended Complaint. The Court adopted its tentative ruling overruling the Defendant’s Demurrer to each one of our Client’s cases of action for breach…

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Home For The Holidays: This Year, We Helped More Than 40 Families Stay In Their Homes


 Every day when I step into the office, the work we do resonates with me. Keeping people in their homes is an important, life-changing endeavor, and I’m proud to play a part in helping families find the peace and security they need to thrive. But when the holiday season hits and the phrase “home for…

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Victory in Napa County Against U.S. Bank & Select Portfolio Servicing


 On December 11, 2019, the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, PC (the “Firm”) appeared in Napa County Superior Court seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the wrongful foreclosure of our Client’s Property. Defendants, Select portfolio Servicing, Inc. and U.S. Bank were refusing to review our Client’s loan modification application that was submitted based upon…

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