Estavillo Law Group’s mission is to fight for the American dream of homeownership. We strive to do right by our clients in any circumstance. Estavillo Law Group’s track record of stopping 90% of imminent foreclosures shined brightly in a recent victory. In late September, our attorneys were able to earn a big win for our clients who were days away from having their property sold out from under them on the courthouse steps! Through our skilled and experienced attorneys, we not only saved our clients home but saved them thousands in the settlement process.

Defending our clients against the largest banks in the country is no easy feat. In late June, the bank claimed our clients owed over $70,000 towards their home mortgage loans, which would result in a loss of their home. Over the course of the next few months our attorneys worked closely with our clients to realize the bank overestimated the actual sum that was owed. Through persistence in litigation, we were able to reach a settlement agreement with the bank. The clients not only rightfully got to keep their home, but they now only owe the bank $12,500!

Facing foreclosure can be scary for anyone without the proper navigation to get you through the process. Banks can be misinforming, as shown in this case where our clients were told they owed more than 5 times the actual amount! Hiring an attorney that specializes in foreclosure is the only way to ensure you’re giving yourself a proper chance.

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