Are you wondering whether you should hire an attorney for your foreclosure case? There were 33,699 foreclosure filings for properties in the United States during the first quarter of 2021.

Although the federal government’s moratorium on foreclosures has decreased the number of filings, if you are the target of a foreclosure proceeding in Napa, you need a foreclosure lawyer on your side.

Find out what a foreclosure lawyer does, and how one can help you through the legal process.

The Role of a Napa Foreclosure Attorney

Being served with a summons and complaint in a foreclosure action can be an emotional time. There is the unknown about what lies ahead and the threat that you lose your home.

Choosing to hire a foreclosure lawyer will give you a trusted professional ready to advocate for your rights. They will use their training and experience to ensure that you receive a fair shake in and out of court.

Education and Training

The education and training received by an attorney mean you should be able to trust foreclosure lawyer advice. To practice law in a jurisdiction, an attorney must be admitted to that particular state’s bar. For example, an attorney practicing in Napa needs to pass the bar for California.

You should only hire an attorney or law firm that has experience in foreclosure defense. That’s because this is a very unique area of the law with specific rules and regulations that govern how the process works.

If you have never had to hire foreclosure counsel, speak to a trusted friend or family member that has. If can give you valuable insight into their experience and how a particular attorney helped them.

Being Ready to Try Your Case

Did you know that 97 percent of civil lawsuits that are filed in the United States end in a settlement or short of an actual trial? Although the chances are low that your case will go to trial, having an experienced litigator in your corner can be valuable.

That’s because it will show the bank or other creditor that your side is ready to try a case if the sides cannot reach a fair settlement. If you hire someone without foreclosure trial experience, a creditor may be tempted to see how far they can draw out an issue to get what they want.

Retain a trial lawyer for your foreclosure case to help ensure you receive a fair and lawful outcome in the end.

Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer in the Napa Area Today

Hiring a qualified foreclosure lawyer in the Napa area can offer you peace of mind. Before you have counsel, consider your options and your budget for disclosure defense.

At the Estavillo Law Group, we are a team of attorneys with a legal practice dedicated to representing clients in foreclosure and real estate disputes. We make our clients the focus of our practice and ensure we keep you informed throughout your case.

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