Estavillo Law Group, PC appeared in Contra Costa County Superior Court, where the court granted our Client’s ex parte application for a Temporary Restraining Order effectively halting the foreclosure sale of our Client’s property, currently set for early next week. Here, the lender, Franklin Funding Corp., is attempting to foreclose on a Deed of Trust that allegedly secures a loan that our Client never received. Based on the Court’s ruling today, the temporary restraining order will remain in effect until further order of the court and the matter has been set for a formal hearing to determine whether or not a preliminary injunction should be issued halting any foreclosure activity until the action is decided on the merits.

Facing Foreclosure?

If you are facing foreclosure or are in jeopardy of defaulting on your loan which could lead to a foreclosure, it is extremely important for you to seek assistance to keep you and your family in your home. There are many laws and rulings that could affect the outcome of your situation, and only an experienced foreclosure attorney with knowledge of up-to-date court rulings, laws, and information on program relief should be consulted to handle your case.  There are a lot of people out there who are happy to take your money but they don’t have the experience to truly help you stop your foreclosure.  At Estavillo Law Group we do not use a one size fits all approach that many other firms use.  Instead we treat each client with a unique and personalized approach.

We know selecting an attorney to trust with your home or property is hard. Many people come to us after a negative experience with another firm and they are reluctant to trust that we will deliver on our promises.  However, our clients have told us that they sleep better knowing that we are fighting for them and that we will do everything possible to win their case.

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