Two More Wins Today Against B Of A, US Bank & Wells Fargo

Two More Wins Today Against B Of A, US Bank & Wells Fargo

The banks proved today that they will go to any length to take what is not legally theirs through illegal foreclosure but once again, we ensured that justice prevailed.

This morning we appeared in Federal District Court before Judge White. We took on US Bank and argued why our client’s Preliminary Junction should continue after further evidence as submitted by both sides. Relying on our retained expert, Richard Kahn, we submitted evidence proving that our client’s loan was never acquired by U.S. Bank from Wells Fargo. In addition, it appears that the “endorsed” promissory note Wells Fargo produced contained a forged signature.

We also appeared in Contra Costa county today opposing Bank of America and their attempt to change an order signed that incorrectly stated Judge Spano’s ruling. Once again, we were successful.

These cases are just two of the many we are currently successfully representing. The big banks have and continue to go to great lengths to take from the American tax payer. They are not afraid to fraudulently represent themselves and get more than they deserve.

If you are facing a foreclosure, please be sure to retain an experienced attorney in foreclosure litigation who will pay attention to the details and stop illegal foreclosures. Contact us today to see how we can help you.