The Estavillo Law Team Led Clients To Victory In San Mateo And Contra Costa Superior Courts On Friday!

August 23, 2021

In Tejada v. Chung et. al., our client was granted a Preliminary Injunction against an illegal foreclosure sale (and any other sale or transfer of the property) by the Hon. Raymond Swope in San Mateo Superior Court on Friday, August 13, 2021.  The judge agreed there was no consideration given in exchange for the Deed of Trust that Defendants are trying to foreclose upon.

In Contra Costa County, Estavillo Law prevailed on a matter that is commonsense to most but uncommon in law; however, we know the law, and work with our clients to find all the facts that, when applied to the law, we win.  In this instance, we stopped our client’s neighbor from destroying their fire pit and spa.  The neighbor claimed that the survey permitted them to destroy our client’s property. The Judge, who graciously spent the time to read and understand our legal position, barred the opposing party from destroying our client’s improvements.

It was also the first time we appeared in person since before the pandemic, and our team loved getting back in the courthouse, where we thrive!

Estavillo Law Group, PC is dedicated to helping people whose homes are facing an illegal foreclosure or who are facing real estate litigation issues. We have an unwavering commitment to our clients, and our firm is recognized as one of the most experienced firms as it relates to foreclosure law and real estate litigation.

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