Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, P.C. has also rebranded to Estavillo Law Group, expanding its capacity to fight the increasing number of foreclosures due to global crises.

As the world comes out of the COVID pandemic and foreclosure moratoriums are lifting, and inflation is on the rise, an alarming number of families are left wondering what will happen to their homes. But one Oakland-based law firm is doing its part to protect the American Dream of Homeownership for those facing foreclosure by expanding its capabilities to serve more families through its real estate and foreclosure law expertise.

Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, P.C. have recently rebranded and relocated as part of its strategic plan to support more families facing foreclosure and clients facing real-estate-related crises. As the newly rebranded Estavillo Law Group, the firm has also moved into a larger location at 426 17th St., Suite 200 in Oakland that will allow it to expand its team and achieve its mission of helping more families stay in their homes.

Estavillo Law Group was founded in 2011 by attorney Jason W. Estavillo as a firm primarily focusing on real estate law. However, after the last foreclosure crisis of 2007, Estavillo and his team were dismayed by seeing so many families devastated by foreclosure. Motivated by a desire to help these families impacted by greed-driven lending policies that were driving them out of their homes, Estavillo Law Group began dedicating more of its professional attention to foreclosure law to help families stay in their homes.

And now, as an increasing number of families are facing foreclosure again on the heels of the COVID pandemic and inflation, Estavillo Law Group has positioned itself to take on more clients to fight for their American Dream.

“No family should have to fight foreclosure alone,” said Jason W. Estavillo. “While many law firms say they’re experts in foreclosure law, Estavillo Law Group has the proof to back that claim up. We’ve helped thousands of families stay in their homes, even when the odds have seemed stacked against them. We’re proud of the meaningful work we do to help families create many more years of memories together in the homes they worked so hard to buy and make their own.”

Collectively, Estavillo and his team have over 50 years of combined experience in real estate and foreclosure law, including Estavillo’s 25 years in the industry. The group also boasts a winning record in foreclosure cases, allowing families to stay in their homes when facing impending foreclosure. The Estavillo Law Group has gone up against the world’s largest banks and won in foreclosure proceedings, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, The Bank of New York Melon, HSBC, US Bank, Nationstar, Aurora Loan Services, and more.

“In everything we do, we’re driven by a commitment to our clients, quality of service, integrity, teamwork, and a winning focus,” added Estavillo. “There’s a person behind every case who is putting their trust in us to fight for their needs and rights. We never take that trust for granted and are honored to serve people in their time of greatest need.”