Receive Information on How to Beat a Foreclosure and Stay in Your Home

The threat of losing your home, the core of your family unit, to foreclosure is a scary, stressful, daunting thought. But for millions of Americans, this is more than just a threat-it’s a reality. Well-intentioned homeowners who borrowed money from a bank to buy a home never intended to have issues repaying the loan. But circumstances happen that lead to situations where homeowners can’t repay the loan and have to fight to stay in their home.

Understanding the complex dynamics that it takes to save a home from foreclosure is often difficult, especially when emotions get in the way. With that in mind, the proper procedures and representation need to be set in place to fight against the banks trying to take the home back. And without the knowledge, education, experience to know what to expect, what the laws are, and how not being informed can affect you, you can actually damage your chances to stay in your home.

Attend the Foreclosure Defense Seminar in Oakland to Learn More

On Friday, October 14, 2016, Jason W. Estavillo will be the guest speaker at the Foreclosure Defense Seminar located at the Marriott in Oakland. This seminar is the only seminar in northern California with key speakers, Jeff Barnes, Esq. and Richard Kahn, nationally acclaimed experts in the field of Foreclosure Defense Litigation. Barnes is a nationally acclaimed foreclosure litigation attorney and founder of Foreclosure Defense Nationwide. Kahn is a nationally acclaimed testifying expert in securitization and mortgage foreclosure fraud and founder of FPG_USA.

Attendees will learn from these experts and more about their personal experiences with foreclosure defense and will provide opportunities for questions and answers. Also included in the price of the seminar are workbooks and reading books authored by the speakers, a free attorney consult, as well as a free check to determine if you, a homeowner in threat of foreclosure, have the proper foreclosure case documents.

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If you or anyone you know is in the throes of a foreclosure and in danger of losing your home, this Foreclosure Defense Seminar in Oakland, California, can help. Get advice and practical experience from leading advocates for homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes. Learn the ins and outs of what can make or break a case. Ask questions and get answers about your personal situation in this exclusive opportunity. You will receive a work book prepared by Jeff Barnes and two books written by Richard Khan on the subject matter.

Seating is limited and participants need to act fast. If you or someone you know would like to attend the Foreclosure Defense Seminar at the Marriott in Oakland, CA on Friday, October 14, 2016 from 9am-5pm, please click here. Use the following coupon code: elawtake$25off to receive a discount on the price of admission.

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