Case Name: Barcellos v. Franklin Credit Management Corporation; Bosco Credit II, LLC; Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Certificate Trustee on behalf of Bosco Credit II Trust Series 2010-1; First American Title Insurance Company; and Does 1-20

Victory over the following Defendants: Franklin Credit Management Corp.; Bosco Credit II, LLC; and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Bosco Credit II Trust Series 2010-1.

Yesterday the Estavillo Law Group, PC appeared in Sacramento County Superior Court where the Court granted our Client’s Motion to Consolidate the unlawful detainer (eviction) action with our wrongful foreclosure suit, pending resolution of the wrongful foreclosure case on the merits. The Court reasoned that the wrongful foreclosure suit raises issues that directly affect title to our Client’s home and that these complex ownership issues cannot be raised in a summary unlawful detainer proceeding, thereby warranting consolidation in order to protect our Client’s due process rights. The effect of this ruling allows our Clients to stay in their home and not be forcibly evicted by Bosco Credit II, LLC while the wrongful foreclosure action is litigated on the merits.

There is nothing we like more than keeping our clients in their homes especially during the holidays and keeping the American dream of homeownership alive.

The Estavillo Law Group has an over 90% success rate at keeping people in their homes who were facing an imminent foreclosure. Due to our knowledge of the law, persistent discovery practices, winning focus, and experience utilizing expert witnesses we are champions in our field. Our record of success remains steadfast, winning cases against Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, The Bank of New York Melon, HSBC, Aurora Loan Services, Nationstar (Mr. Cooper) and several more.

At our firm, we are committed to a personalized approach, superior client experience, and getting results at an exceptional value.

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