I don’t want to beat around the bush in this newsletter. The truth is, our state and our country are both in crisis. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and poor political leadership, we’re in the middle of a recession that has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and now their homes.

We’ve also faced an unprecedented year of social unrest, political turmoil, and natural disasters. I’m 51 years old and have had the honor and pleasure of living in California my entire life, and this year is the worst I have seen in my lifetime.

With that being said, at the end of the day, I’m an optimist. I believe for every problem there is a solution. In this newsletter, I’m going to lay out a few of the biggest problems facing Californians right now and my suggestions for how to address them. Some of these suggestions are things you’ll have to do on your own, while my team can and will help you with others. However, they all demand immediate action. You can’t
bury your head in the sand if you want to survive 2020. It’s time to stand up, reach out, and make a change.

Crisis No. 1:

Forbearance agreements are expiring, bringing on a wave of
foreclosures. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, banks in California temporarily delayed foreclosures and offered homeowners the opportunity to enter forbearance agreements instead. These agreements allowed people to delay their monthly mortgage payments. Now, however, the agreements are starting to expire, bringing a wave of foreclosures to those who still can’t pay. Foreclosure is also imminent for commercial property owners who have tenants who have failed to pay rent and families whose providers have lost their jobs.

Our Solution:

If you’ve made a forbearance agreement, or are about to lose your home or commercial property, contact us today. We can work with your lender to extend your forbearance agreement, and/or stave off foreclosures with a temporary restraining order (TRO). We have a more than 90% success rate in stopping imminent foreclosures and have helped people save their homes, businesses, and even churches. If your lender won’t work with you or you’re not sure where to start with the nonjudicial foreclosure process, we can help. Call us today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Do not wait until things are more dire or your forbearance agreement is up. Because of the pandemic, court processes have slowed down significantly. The longer you wait, the less time there will be to stop your foreclosure.

Crisis No. 2:

Fires have left millions of Californians displaced and burned
hundreds of homes. Many people lost their jobs due to the fires this summer and are now on the brink of foreclosure. Others lost their homes but are still responsible for the mortgage payments on those ashes (yes, it’s true).

Our Solution:

If you’ve lost your home due to fire, contact your lender to halt your mortgage payments. Do the same if you’ve lost your job and are facing foreclosure. If they don’t respond, reach out to us for help. The sooner you do this the better. Call us, and we’ll talk you through your options for free.

Crisis No. 3:

Our political leadership has failed us. I’m convinced that if our nation’s leadership had responded more effectively to the coronavirus pandemic, we could have avoided the worst of this recession. However, that didn’t happen, so we’re stuck cleaning up the mess.

Our Solution:

Register to vote, and request your absentee ballot today. Don’t wait for election day to make your voice heard. Voting is the best way to make a political impact, and yet only 61.4% of those who could vote did so in the 2016 election. This year, we all need to make an appearance. Since the post office is as slow as the courts right now, the sooner we get our ballots in the better. Fill yours out and drop it off today.

I hope this newsletter has helped ease your mind, even just a little. If there is anything my team and I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re ready to put our 10 years of California foreclosure experience to work fighting for California property owners.