The population in California is over 39 million people with a 0.5 percent annual growth. With this number comes policies about housing and these bills include new rules to help ease the state’s housing shortage.

California Housing Bills can give homeowners a chance to help the housing shortage. Homeowners can add more units to their existing properties. These bills will also protect tenants from displacement.

Knowing the California Housing Bills is essential for both homeowners and renters. Keep reading to learn more about the SB-9 Housing Development and AB-721 here.

SB-9 Housing Development

SB-9 is also known as the California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency Act. In this bill, cities must allow an extra unit into single-dwelling units. This law allows the construction of a two-unit on a single residential lot.

In California, the median price of a house is over $827,000. This price makes renting a more practical option for a lot of people. The high price also created more demand for affordable housing in California.

The application process is like the previous development review process. Property owners can apply by splitting an existing home into two units. If the owner can divide a single lot into two, they can apply for SB-9.

Separating a single lot into two can create more affordable housing units. These 2022 California Housing Bills can help solve the ongoing housing crisis.

A review to ensure that the project complies with the new state law must happen. This process will review zoning laws and development standards. Once approved, the owner can go through the building permit process.

California Housing Bills 2022

Division of residential zones changed in the new California Housing Bills. This bill allows homeowners to build extra housing units on their property.

The new California Housing Laws can allow up to four housing units in a single lot. This bill will reduce housing prices in the state of California. It can also end exclusionary zoning.

Exclusionary zoning uses building codes to keep affordable housing out of some neighborhoods. It targets low-income households living in wealthy or middle-class areas.

Building more affordable housing options will keep housing prices in check. The new housing bill can affect the housing market in California for 2022.

AB-721 California Density Restrictions

Density restrictions limit the number of structures to control the population. These restrictions exist to help the city specify the types of buildings allowed in an area. These restrictions can usually be instruments that push restrictive provisions among races.

AB-721 records allow parties to end racial-restrictive covenants. These usually include restrictions on the number, size, and location of a property.

The AB-721 allows owners to build more affordable housing for lower-income households. It also preserves and helps strengthen the local’s control over housing. It prevents private landowners from overriding the local zoning laws.

California Housing Laws 2022

Remember these new 2022 California housing bills if you plan on living in the area.

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