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We Fight For Your American Dream of Homeownership

At the Estavillo Law Group, we're dedicated to representing individuals who are facing foreclosure or are at risk of foreclosure. Our skilled attorneys will investigate the details of your loan agreement and fight to keep you in your home. With a success rate of over 90%, we're proud to be champions in our field. Our persistence, expert witnesses, and focus on winning have enabled us to win cases against major banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and more. We firmly believe in the rights of individuals to keep their homes, and we're ready to help you. If you're facing foreclosure in Oakland, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about your legal options.

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Over 90% Success Rate*

Don't let foreclosure take away your home and put you and your family in a state of constant distress. We have a 90% success rate in helping homeowners like you keep their homes or prolong their foreclosure. Our seasoned foreclosure attorneys offer a personalized approach, superior client experience, and exceptional value. We've represented clients in 17 counties across California, and our recent court victories speak to our commitment to getting results. We understand that unforeseen circumstances like a death in the family, job loss, or medical emergency can affect your ability to pay your mortgage, but we're here to help. Contact us now and take the first step towards keeping your home. Time is of the essence, act urgently!

*Although Estavillo Law Group has had a 90% success rate in imminent foreclosure cases, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in every case. Each case is unique and the success of past cases does not guarantee success in future cases. We will, however, work diligently to provide you with the best possible representation

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Foreclosure Process

Here’s how the process works, according to state law:

Alternative options

The lender contacts everyone listed on the mortgage loan to review the financial situation and explore alternative options.

Notice of default

If a resolution isn't achieved, the lender may file a notice of default in your county, after 30 days of contact. You have 90 days from recording to repay the debt.

Notice of sale

If you fail to pay what you owe, a notice of sale is recorded, which must happen a minimum of 90 days after the notice of default is recorded. Your home may be sold at auction in 21 days.

Public auction

After at least 21 days, your home may be sold at public auction. The lender generally bids for the amount of the outstanding balance plus foreclosure costs. If no one else bids higher, the lender takes your home.

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You Don't Have to File For Bankruptcy!

Are you facing foreclosure and worried that bankruptcy may be your only option? Don't believe everything you hear from attorneys who don't regularly practice foreclosure law. You can save your home and protect your credit without filing for bankruptcy! At Estavillo Law Group, we have a consistent track record of helping homeowners like you keep their homes and avoid bankruptcy. Don't trust your future to just anyone - turn to experienced foreclosure attorneys who know the ins and outs of this complex area of law. Our honest and personalized approach has helped many clients in similar situations, and we're here to help you too. Don't wait until it's too late, contact us now for the best guidance based on years of experience in foreclosure law.

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Aydin MehrageAydin Mehrage
21:03 31 Aug 23
Straightforward honest and willing to help.
David MashriqueDavid Mashrique
18:25 29 Aug 23
Attorney Estavillo, gave me a free consultation in regards to an Issue I had with a real estate deal. The guy is very knowledgeable and will do what is best for you. He showed me a great Idea without having to Hire him or any other Attorney. He is a people person. And Lawyers like that is 1 in a billion. He will always be my to go Attorney if I run into any other Real estate issue.
Jacqueline FrazierJacqueline Frazier
17:52 27 Jul 23
Very informative! I would use him if I could afford him!
Quentin WuQuentin Wu
20:59 29 Jun 23
Excellent advice!
Nikolai AndersonNikolai Anderson
22:06 15 Jun 23
Sought Mr Estavillo’s expert opinion and potential avenues for managing a general contractor matter I’m dealing with. Mr Estavillo was very helpful in guiding me through the best course of action and what was or wasn’t a realistic outcome. I would definitely recommend to others.
So quick I had an extra 10 minutes to ask other questions. Awesome! Thank you so much for the advice!
Christian HillsChristian Hills
02:09 18 Mar 23
Although I wasn’t able to work with Mr. Estavillo on this current issue due to a change of direction in my case, I would 100% recommend the Estavillo law group. The whole team from booking a consultation to actually speaking with Mr. Estavillo was completely professional, straightforward and extremely quick and attentive. The turnaround time blew my expectations and I will keep Mr. Estavillo and his firm in mind for any future needs I may have.
Kysha CummingsKysha Cummings
22:52 24 Feb 23
Great attorneys, hard working, very diligent and knowledgeable. They are helping us through a really tough time, with a wrongful foreclosure. No one wants to be in a legal fight, it’s exhausting and expensive. But it’s a must in my family’s case.

Dedicated To Saving Homes Since 2011

Estavillo Law Group is the only foreclosure attorney in California that continuously practices foreclosure law even after the 2008 recession. While other attorneys stopped offering foreclosure representation, we kept going. Our decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of California foreclosure laws allow us to provide effective legal representation to clients in a wide range of foreclosure matters. We’re committed to protecting our clients’ rights and helping them keep their homes or find the best possible resolution to their foreclosure situation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your foreclosure matter.

*Although Estavillo Law Group has had a 90% success rate in imminent foreclosure cases, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in every case. Each case is unique and the success of past cases does not guarantee success in future cases. We will, however, work diligently to provide you with the best possible representation