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Purchasing or selling a home, or another piece of land, is likely the largest transaction that you will make during your lifetime. When making this massively important decision, it is essential to know that you have covered your bases and protected your legal rights.

One way to accomplish this is to hire a Marin County real estate lawyer. These attorneys work to protect your interests during the sale as well as handle any complications that may arise immediately after the transfer of ownership. From drafting real estate sale contracts, to negotiating terms, to ensuring compliance with the terms of the sale, one of the committed legal professionals at our firm may be able to help you.

The Sale of Real Estate Requires an Understanding of Contracts

At its heart, the sale of real estate is little more than a collection of contracts. These contracts outline the sale price for the property, the timing of the transaction, and the guarantees that the parties make concerning the sale. Being able to properly draft these documents as well as negotiate favorable terms is critical to the real estate sale process.

An experienced Marin County real estate attorney could take the lead in overseeing a real estate transaction as it pertains to contracts. This could include understanding a person’s needs for the transaction, determining what terms are acceptable to both parties, and drafting documents that clearly state the rules for the sale as well as meet the relevant legal requirements.

Protecting Clients During and After the Closing

The closing of a real estate transaction describes the point in time where an owner exchanges title to the property in exchange for the payment. Of course, protecting clients occurs long before this point by ensuring that the seller owns a good title to the land. A proactive real estate lawyer could perform a solid title search as a prerequisite to any real estate transaction in Marin County.

During the closing, an attorney could work to determine if the necessary documentation is present. They could also double-check the documents for accuracy and completeness.

Sadly, the role of a real estate attorney does not necessarily end with a closing. If a party does not vacate the property on time or does not present the land in the state disclosed in the sale documents, a breach of a sales contract may occur. This could lead to lawsuits in civil court that demand payments as a remedy or that seek to void the sale. According to California Code of Civil Procedure § 337, individuals may have only four years after learning of a breach to demand compensation in court. In short, a seasoned legal professional could protect your rights in a real estate transaction before, during, and after the sale of property in Marin County.

Let a Marin County Real Estate Attorney Facilitate the Sale of Property

Ensuring that you protect your legal rights during the sale of real estate is vital to your present and future. Not only do you need to follow the correct legal procedures, but you also want to ensure that the contracts meet your specific needs.

A Marin County real estate lawyer at Estavillo Law Group could assist in both of these areas. They could work to ensure that a selling party has the legal authority to do so. They can also take the lead in drafting contracts that meet the required legal standards as well as accurately reflect the needs of both parties. Finally, the dedicated team of attorneys at our firm strive to ensure compliance with the signed contracts and act to demand a remedy in the event of a breach.

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Disputes concerning real estate can have a significant financial impact on individuals and businesses alike. If there is a dispute and it appears that a compromise is not possible, it may be necessary to initiate litigation. This could mean participating in settlement or mediation talks or even bringing a formal lawsuit to civil court.

An Oakland real estate lawyer may be able to help. They are prepared to take the lead in settlement talks that could help to avoid costly court cases. However, if the case does go to court, they will take every step necessary to protect your rights. Contact us now to learn more.

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