Alameda County Real Estate Lawyer

If you own real estate in Alameda County, it likely represents a significant portion of your family’s or business’s wealth. It is understandable that you will want to take all possible steps to protect these investments. This can include defending your actions in court or demanding that other parties act as the law and contracts require them to.

Protecting these rights may require the help of an experienced Alameda County real estate lawyer. The dedicated team of legal professionals at Estavillo Law Group could evaluate the circumstances of your case, obtain all relevant evidence, determine realistic goals, and help you work towards a satisfactory conclusion. Whether this involves taking a case to court or representing your interests during settlement negotiations, our diligent attorneys are ready to fight for you every step of the way.

Why Consider Help from a Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate ownership represents a substantial investment. Any other person, business, or government entity that threatens an owner’s ability to utilize that land to its full value may damage that owner’s finances. Allowing a seasoned Alameda County real estate attorney to take the lead on the case from the outset could help protect a piece of land’s value.

One of the committed attorneys at our firm is prepared to take the lead during all negotiations that necessarily result from the start of litigation. This can include working to reach a negotiated settlement between two private entities in dispute over land or aiming for a fair settlement with the government during a supposed zoning or land-use allegation.

Of course, if the case does need to go to court, our hard-working team is ready to present persuasive arguments to both judges and juries that help protect a landowner’s rights. The goal is always to work towards the best possible outcome, and one of our proactive attorneys can begin forming a plan from day one.

Issues that May Arise that Affect Landowners

Unfortunately, disputes between landowners and other parties are common in Alameda County. This is because of the high value of property in the area and the desire of others to use their land as they see fit.

Many examples of disputes that move towards litigation are those between two private landowners. For instance, there may be a conflict concerning the exact terms of a purchase/sale agreement. In addition, two neighbors may be caught up in a land-use dispute concerning the rights of each party.

Many of these cases revolve around the cause of action called a breach of contract. In short, a party can ask a court to enforce the terms of a signed contract. Under California Code of Civil Procedure § 337, cases alleging breach of contract must be in court no more than four years after the date of the supposed breach.

Other disputes that may lead to litigation involve the government. A collection of local ordinances, state laws, and federal statutes limits how a landowner may use their property. A determined real estate lawyer in Alameda County is prepared to research the laws in question, evaluate a landowner’s actions, and present defenses against these allegations in and out of court.

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You need to take every possible step to protect your legal rights and your property. In some instances, this means defending your actions against allegations of others or demanding that other parties act in accordance with a contractual agreement. An Alameda County real estate lawyer is prepared to provide assistance in both of these situations.

Our knowledgeable attorneys could offer you valuable legal guidance and take the necessary steps to provide the protection that you need. This may include performing legal research, authoring persuasive documents, and representing your interests during settlement talks and trials. Reach out now to learn more about how the entire team at Estavillo Law Group is here to help you.