Suzanne Burgess

Suzanne Burgess - Professional Legal Administrator

Suzanne joined Estavillo Law Group in July 2021 as the firm’s Professional Legal Administrator (PLA).  As our PLA she is responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations and human resources.  In addition to being responsible for smooth day-to-day operations, Suzanne works with the firm management team to meet strategic goals. Suzanne earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Business from Texas A&M University.

Suzanne brings a wealth of experience managing professional service businesses to her role as PLA. Prior to joining Estavillo Law Group, Suzanne held the position of Law Firm Administrator for a medium sized litigation law firm in Carson City, Nevada.  In addition to her vast law firm experience, Suzanne spent several years working to grow a legal services company from start up to a successful organization serving law firms all over the U.S.

When not working, she is a dog and cat “mom” who enjoys hiking, skiing, and occasionally competing as a powerlifter.