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Investments in real estate can comprise a significant portion of the wealth of both families and businesses. This is especially true in the San Mateo area, where parcels of property often carry values in excess of $1,000,000. This means that you need to take all necessary steps to protect these investments and your right to use your land as you see fit.

Sadly, disputes over the proper use of land are a common source of threats to your property rights. These can include disagreements that arise between neighbors or between landowners and government entities. A San Mateo real estate lawyer at Estavillo Law Group may be able to help you resolve these disputes. One of our skilled legal professionals is prepared to act as an advocate when you need to file a complaint or defend your actions concerning your use of your land.

Taking Positive Action to Protect Property Rights

All landowners in the San Mateo area have certain rights under the law. This includes the right to use their land for an appropriate purpose that conforms with local, state, and federal laws. It also includes the ability to expect the quiet enjoyment of their property.

Many disputes regarding land occur when a neighbor violates these rights. This can include something as simple as a noise complaint that prevents a homeowner from sleeping, as well as improvements that a neighbor has made that causes a business’s land to lose value. In such situations, a determined San Mateo real estate attorney could fight to help preserve the land’s property value.

Disputes also occur during the sale or transfer of land. Cases here will center around the specific terms of a purchase/sale agreement or state law concerning the duty of sellers to disclose information about the property. When pursuing these cases, always know that because the dispute involves a contract California Code of Civil Procedure § 337 places a time limit of four years after a supposed breach to demand a remedy in court. Talking with a seasoned legal professional now allows them to evaluate the situation and act to protect your property rights.

Defending Landowners Against Allegations of Illegal Use

An experienced real estate lawyer in San Mateo could also provide support in situations where landowners are facing accusations related to supposed illegal activity. This includes cases where a defense is needed after a supposed breach of contract.

However, it also includes situations where a government entity is alleging that a landowner has improperly used or developed property. A common example is supposed violations of zoning laws. These laws typically nominate land as being for residential, commercial, or industrial use. A successful government case could bring substantial fines and an end to a current business.

Government cases could also result in allegations that a property owner has violated rules concerning the proper use of land. These could involve supposed violations of laws intended to protect endangered wildlife or those that name a piece of land as historical property. Here, a diligent real estate attorney could fight in court to protect a San Mateo property owner’s ability to use their land as they see fit.

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Real estate disputes are fairly common in the San Mateo area. For some, this could involve disagreements over the proper transfer of ownership after a purchase/sale agreement. For others, it may involve their fair use or development of property. Still, others may be facing allegations from the government about their use of their land.

In any situation, a San Mateo real estate lawyer may be able to help. Whether you need to take quick action to defend your property rights or need to develop a defense against supposed illegal activity, the team of tenacious attorneys at Estavillo Law Group are ready to fight on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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Disputes concerning real estate can have a significant financial impact on individuals and businesses alike. If there is a dispute and it appears that a compromise is not possible, it may be necessary to initiate litigation. This could mean participating in settlement or mediation talks or even bringing a formal lawsuit to civil court.

An Oakland real estate lawyer may be able to help. They are prepared to take the lead in settlement talks that could help to avoid costly court cases. However, if the case does go to court, they will take every step necessary to protect your rights. Contact us now to learn more.

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