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Whether you have recently bought a home, or have owned your property for a while, you are probably not thinking about the possibility of losing it. Property ownership is a way to gain independence from the rental market and gives you an additional asset to pass on to your children.

However, the past twelve years since the last financial crash have shown that nothing is certain. An unstable and unpredictable financial landscape has left many people facing the reality of their jobs being less secure than they once were.

Other factors beyond a homeowner’s control can also lead to them falling behind on mortgage payments. Unexpected family deaths, sickness, divorce, or another life-changing event can severely impact your financial health and leave you facing the very real possibility of having your home taken away.

The thought of having to deal with a foreclosure alone is extremely stressful, and most people assume that obtaining legal help is unaffordable. However, did you know that hiring a San Francisco foreclosure help attorney is not as expensive as you think?

Finding the help you need is not out of reach, and if it is the difference between keeping or losing your home, then it is a worthwhile investment.

Foreclosure is Not a Done Deal

Nowadays, if you fall behind on your mortgage payments, banks and financial institutions tend to send out foreclosure notices without first trying to work things out with the customer directly. This is a mistake on their part, as often an arrangement can be made where the client does not have to lose their home.

Experienced San Francisco foreclosure help lawyers know this, and understand the law in detail, even if the bank itself is not clear on it. Just because you have been given a foreclosure notice, it does not mean it is going to happen. The legal landscape is tricky to navigate though, so you need is someone by your side who knows the process and can fight in your corner with the right information.

The Estavillo Law Group Can Help

The Estavillo Law Group have collectively gained over 50 years of experience within real estate law and foreclosures. Our small, but highly qualified team, comprises of specialists dealing with foreclosures and other real estate legal cases. Because we are a small team, we have low overheads, which means we do not need to charge sky-high prices to our clients.

The Estavillo Law Group offer you an affordable option for anyone facing foreclosure in the San Francisco area.

Our professional, yet approachable, work ethic is guided by our four main principles:

  • We never judge our clients. We treat clients with respect and remain emphatic and understanding no matter what the situation.
  • We meet with our clients face-to-face to assess their problems. We also identify the weaknesses and strengths of the case.
  • We utilize the expertise of outside professionals to strengthen your case.
  • We take all steps necessary to achieve the right outcome.

Your Chances Are More Than Good - Stop Foreclosure with a San Francisco Attorney

With our team by your side, you hopefully are already feeling assured that you will not be losing your home. If our principles are not enough, know that our law firm enjoys a 90% success rate at stopping imminent foreclosure when it comes to succeeding against foreclosure claims. When you hire a San Francisco foreclosure defense lawyer, the odds are already stacked in your favor.

We have taken on large baking corporations and institutions and won. Notably, we have won cases against:

  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • The Bank of New York
  • US Bank
  • Melon
  • Aurora Loan Services
  • HSBC
  • Mr. Cooper
  • Nationstar
  • And more

Hiring a San Francisco foreclosure help lawyer from The Estavillo Law Group ensures that you are receiving the highest quality support at an affordable rate. We will help you keep a roof over your head.

It is the job of our San Francisco foreclosure defense attorneys to give you confidence and strength during a worrisome process. We know that our attorneys are more than qualified for this.

Reaching out to The Estavillo Law Group

We believe it is important to start off the right way and find out if we are the right law firm for your needs. Therefore, if you are looking for foreclosure help in San Francisco, allow us to offer you a fifteen-minute phone consultation. It is completely FREE of charge and comes with absolutely no obligation to proceed.

You can call us at 888-982-0599, or if you prefer, you can contact us via email. Once you contact us and decide to proceed with taking on our services, you can be assured that we will treat your case according to our main principles outlined above. We will get to know you, and your circumstances, and use that information in line with the current real estate and banking laws to reach an outcome that satisfies both you and your bank.

The team at The Estavillo Law Group recognizes that a lot of our clients come to us after a bad experience with a different law firm. We work hard to regain trust and confidence, resulting in many of our clients saying they sleep better at night knowing we are on their side.

It is this high-quality service that has gained us an excellent reputation in the San Francisco area. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with fighting foreclosure, contact our team today.