Alameda Real Estate Litigation

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Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Alameda

At Estavillo Law Group, we are committed to getting to the root of all of your real estate problems. We win cases for you because we have over 50 years of combined Real Estate and Foreclosure law experience in Alameda. We give you all the experience of a big law firm, at small law firm prices.

Our Alameda Real Estate litigation group includes attorneys, paralegals, and client and support staff. Our Real Estate and Foreclosure team collaborates to achieve optimal results for all of our clients. We represent construction companies throughout the state, both big and small, as well as commercial property owners.

At the Estavillo Law Group, our real estate litigation lawyers have represented many defendants and plaintiffs in real estate litigation in Alameda. We can offer you some of the best advice regarding the rights of business owners, commercial property owners and residential homeowners. No matter the issue you present us with – broker disputes, property easement or partition actions – our Alameda real estate litigation attorneys will devise a straightforward game plan for you.

Estavillo Law Group Approach to Real Estate Litigation in Alameda

Our approach is always unique and personalized. We begin each initial representation with a case assessment, and we are always ready to pass along all pre-litigation advice as needed. At the same time, we treat you with the respect, empathy, and understanding you deserve. By meeting with you personally, we work with you to agree on a game plan to help achieve your goals and assess your current situation to discover what strengths and weaknesses there may be with your case.

We work with you to identify your goals and take all necessary steps to ensure they are met. Being a small law firm is to your advantage – we work with you personally from our initial meeting, right through from assessing your case, (taking depositions, attending hearings, and representing you at trial) to resolving your matter. You always know who you are dealing with, and there is no mystery about how we intend to see it through to a successful outcome.

The Estavillo Law Group are well-positioned to help you with:

  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Commercial and Residential Foreclosure
  • Broker Disputes
  • Property Easement Disputes
  • Partition Actions
  • Breach of Contract Disputes

Alameda Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Because of our profound understanding of the real estate business and its industry, we approach every dispute from a standpoint of uniqueness and knowledge of the real estate law needed to be successful. We represent owners, lenders and investors, developers, borrowers, landlords, tenants, and various clients in every type of real estate litigation dispute involving property in Alameda.

Our Alameda real estate litigation lawyers will discuss your options and realistic outcomes with you as seen through their experienced eyes. We have experience with real estate broker dispute and real estate property disputes. We can be your partition action attorney or easement attorney.

Some of the Alameda real estate litigation disputes we have taken on include:

  • Lease and property management agreements
  • Loan service and foreclosure issues
  • Title matters, including priority of liens and bona fide purchaser/ encumbrancer claims
  • Neighbor and boundary disputes
  • Claims made by or against title insurance and escrow companies
  • Easements, including recorded easements, negative easements, prescriptive easements, and adverse possession
  • Claims made by or against real estate agents and brokers for nondisclosure and compensation
  • Purchase and sale agreements that include interpretation, breach of contract, and specific performance actions, and rescission and restitution claims
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, and failures to disclose in all real estate transactions
  • Creditors and other interested parties
  • Commercial contract and lease disputes
  • Property tax assessments

    We Walk You Through the Maze of Litigation Law in Alameda

    Because we have been there so many times before, we understand how imposing California law can look to the uninitiated. The Golden State represents some of the toughest litigation challenges in the country. That is why our clients depend on us to get it right for them. Our partition action attorneys, property dispute lawyers, and real estate litigation attorneys have appeared in federal and state courts throughout the state to defend your rights in court. We understand the make-up of the court and legal systems, and we know best how to take on even the most complex of cases.

    Estavillo Law has successfully handled hundreds of real estate litigation cases and disputes in northern California. Many have been highly complex, involving multiple parties, legal challenges, and substantial claims. We go above and beyond for you.

    Property disputes, foreclosures, and real estate litigation can be some of life’s most stressful situations. You need a trusted partner by your side. Estavillo Law Group has the experience to be that partner. No one wants to see their home or business taken from them, but this is a very real possibility without the proven expertise of someone who knows Alameda real estate litigation.

    If you are going through any dispute involving real estate, we urge you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in these situations. If you would like to learn more about the Estavillo Law Group and receive a free personal consultation, please complete the confidential form. Alternatively, we invite you to contact us at 888-982-0599 to schedule your free fifteen-minute phone consultation.